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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5AM  CBS  February 23, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PST

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catholic church. the trail of damage that marred a holy day for catholics. high pressure cranking up the temperatures and the winds around the bay area. we'll talk about that coming up. live look at the carquinez bridge. everything looks great this morning heading into crockett and a lot of our overnight roadwork just picked up within the last few minutes. we'll tell you about it coming up. good morning. it's thursday, busy thursday, february 23rd. i'm grace lee. >> hi, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. it is 5:00 straight up. we continue to follow some breaking news down in santa clara county. sunnyvale fire crews just knocked down a house fire. gil diaz is in sunnyvale with the search for the people who lived inside. >> reporter: good morning. it's a very unusual circumstance even though you see some cars in the driveway behind me in the 700 block of duncardine they are still trying to locate the family. this fire erupted around 1:00 this morning. by the time the first fire crews arrived, the house was fully engulfed. some of the challenges that the fire crews had to experience is
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that there was a live electrical wire in the backyard. so they were confined to fighting this fire from the front and from the side because if they went to the bang, they had the risk of being -- if they went to the back, they had the risk of being electrocuted with the water around them. this is fully engulfed. some of the challenges that they had, something unusual is what the battalion chief told me earlier this morning. >> i don't know if it would be suspicious. we had concerns early on in the fire that maybe the residents were home and that there might be a rescue involved. however, at this point in time we haven't found any indication that they were in fact in the residence at the time. >> reporter: you're taking a live look at the house here at the 700 block of duncardine. just a few minutes after that interview i spoke with the battalion chief again and he is saying that they are hoping that no one is trapped inside this home since no one was
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outside when they first arrived. they're hopping that the family is on vacation or had taken advantage of the long presidents day weekend hopefully turning out to be good news. back to you. >> gil, as far as we know, are there people around that house that have been displaced? it seems like there was more of an effect in this neighborhood. >> reporter: it looks like the house fire did not threaten any of the neighboring homes. i was told that one of the neighbors across the street as well as right next door had possibly called 911. so far no other families have been displaced. >> thank you. more breaking news from the east bay right now. anne makovec is in oakland on the scene of a shooting that happened just a short time ago. she has details and joins us now. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. i'm here in west oakland, 34th and adeline and you can see this red car behind me where a man was found shot at least once. he is right now in the hospital
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and police are investigating what might have happened to him. they are not saying much this morning, just that it was an adult male who was shot. they say they have no witnesses at this time. we know they were knocking on some of the doors here in the neighborhood trying to find anybody who might have heard or seen something. at this point they are not saying how many times this man was shot. so a lot more information is needed. a couple of blocks of adeline and 34th are shut down and will be for the next couple of hours. >> thank you. anne makovec with break news out of oakland. thank you. new this morning, a man is in stable condition after being shot near fisherman's wharf. investigators say some people were arguing at the 300 block of jefferson last night when one of them pulled a gun and shot another. two suspects taken in custody nearby, another ran from the scene still on the loose this morning. police say the vandalism at a church in union city is a hate crime. people going to saint ann's
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catholic church on ash wednesday found satanic symbols and messages spray-painted on the building. a statue was also damaged. the church does not want to clean up the mess at least not yet. the priest wants the vandals to know he has them in his heart. >> i pray for them. i hope that they will have a change of heart. there's still a lot of anger, a lot of hatred, a lot of ignorance and arrogance. >> the graffiti will be cleaned up today. it was not done yesterday because as you heard the priest wanted people to have a chance to see what had been done. it is now 5:04. an east bay school is being cleaned because of a possible norovirus outbreak. officials at lawyer elementary school sent a let -- laurel elementary school sent a letter to family members yesterday. students are urged to wash their hands to prevent infection spread. anyone showing signs of the virus are asked to stay home for at least two days after
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symptoms go away. thousands of student applications are on hold at san jose state as the cal state system struggles with severe budget cuts. tomorrow cal state leaders will figure out if the campus will have to turn away around 1400 south bay applicants. this will be the first time that sjsu will not be allowed to give preference to santa clara county residents. the cal state system may face another $200 million in cuts if voters reject tax proposals this year. if you want to send a thank you note to lawrence, i think he would accept it don't you. >> he would. he did a good job the last couple of days, today. >> i'm taking it. this weekend you will be sending me nasty notes. but yes, today looking good outside as we'll see more sunshine. high pressure camping overhead again, still going to be blustery over some of the mountaintops. wind advisories going up there but over the bay right now very calm and looking good so far. mostly clear skies, temperatures fairly mild for this time of the day. 40s and 50s already. and by the afternoon, what an afternoon it's going to be.
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normally, temperatures usually running in the 60s at this time of year but we are going to bust way above that. some of these temperatures running a good 9 to 14 degrees above the average as high as 76 degrees in santa rosa. but this is the end of it. looks like we'll cool down. we'll have more on that in a moment. right now let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> we are going out towards the bay bridge toll plaza where everything is just cruising along. we found out they have picked up that overnight roadwork on the youer and lower decks so westbound and eastbound 80 good to go. all the approaches are good, as well. let's head towards walnut creek, 24 and 680. here's live look. they also picked up ahead of schedule some roadwork on northbound and southbound 680 through the san ramon valley so now that is a nice smooth drive out of walnut creek towards danville. westbound highway 4 no brake lights across this stretch either so yeah, overall the bay area is look good. we're seeing a lot of green wherever you're going as you make your way towards the south bay. here's live look coming out of downtown san jose. by the way, 101 looks good, as well. that roadwork looks like that question mark means it was just
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picked up northbound 101 by coyote creek drive. back to the desk. >> thank you. 5:07. two americans have been shot to death in apparent anger over the burning of korans at a u.s. military base. violent anti-u.s. demonstrations have erupted across the country after coalition soldiers burned the islamic holy books on monday night. an afghan officer telling cbs news that it was an afghan soldier who turn his gun on his allies. four other troops were wounded. we have henhouses full of dead birds, thousands of dead or dying hens found on at ranch in stanislaus county near turlock. chopper 5 was overhead as county and state crew loaded thousands of dead hens into a dumpster, just tossed them in there. those bird apparently starched to death. others will have to be euthanized. those birds apparently starved to death. animal control received an anonymous call about the farm on tuesday.
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>> there are 50,000 estimated birds that are gone without any kind of food or water. >> reporter: how long does it appear that they have been unfed? >> it appears based upon estimations from the vet approximately two weeks. >> there are five large buildings on the farm operated by a & l poultry. the owner has declined to comment on the case. he could face animal cruelty charges. we have student protestors pepper sprayed at uc-davis. >> the new fight they are putting up. >> plus an 8-year-old boy shot at school. how a gun went off even though no one was holding it. >> and another victory for same- sex couples. the key ruling just handed down when we come back. ,, ,,,,,,
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i...i suppose. now go make your dad and me proud. tryomething funny. [ male announcer ] now everyone's up to speed. get high speed internet for $14.95 a month for 12 months with a one year term. condition this morning after being shot in the stomach by a classmate. an 8-year-old is in critical condition this morning
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after being shot in the storm pack by a classmate. it happened in washington state. police say it happened two minutes before the end of class and it was an apparent accident. investigators say the gun went off while still in a backpack. >> how did a child get a gun and bring it to school? you don't think you have to worry about this kind of thing in elementary school. i don't want my kids coming back here tomorrow. >> police would like to find out the same answer there. police found the gun in the classroom. no one was hurt. the sheeter is booked into juvenile de-- the shooter is booked into juvenile detention. 19 uc-davis students are suing over last year's pepper spraying incidents. the students were protesting tuition hikes when campus police sprayed them. the lawsuit claims officers and university administrators suppressed the students' free speech rights and used excessive force. two officers and the campus police chief have been suspended with pay. l.a.'s police chief has walked
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into a political mine field. police chief charlie beck told the l.a. times he believes illegal immigrants should be allowed to obtain california driver's licenses. he believes issuing licenses to illegal immigrants would improve safety on california roads. he has come under fire for loosening the rules for impounding the cars of unlicensed drivers who are stopped. 5:12. you think gas prices are bad here? well -- >> the record amounts in florida. >> it is big. and diamonds are a girl's best friend. w know that. why this pink one stands out from the rest. we'll tell you why. spring skiing conditions outside. high country this weekend looking good. heavenly 40" of snow on the ground, slight chance of snow flurries on saturday. northstar 34" on the ground. slight chance of snow as well. i think the roads looking good up there if you are heading in that direction. sugar bowl 49." we'll have more on your weather coming up. ,,,,,,,,
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♪ [ male announcer ] offering four distinct driving modes and lexus' dynamic handling, the next generation of lexus will not be contained. the all-new 2013 lexus gs. there's no going back. ♪ stories: fire crews are searching for the family who lived in a su by a two-alarm let's look at the morning's top stories. fire crews are searching for the family who lived in a sunnyvale home. it was damaged by a two-alarm fire that had problems with live lines, as well. it's still not clear if that family is on vacation or if they made it out of the house.
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they are still searching. vandalism at a catholic church in union city is investigated as a hate crime. the priest decided not to clean up the damage immediately so that people could see what happened to their church. we have thousands of student applications. they are on hold at san jose state. a cal state system struggles with severe budget cuts. tomorrow cal state leaders will figure out if the campus will have to turn away around 1400 south bay applicants. and this may be the first time that sjsu will not be allowed to give preference to santa clara county residents. the cal state system may face another $200 million in cuts if voters reject tax proposals this year. 5:16 now. rick santorum was a frequent target as the republican presidential candidates gathered in arizona for their last scheduled debate. santorum attracted more criticism than usual yesterday evening since recent national polls show him as the new front- runner. the foursome covered everything from healthcare, spending, earmarks and saved their most
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cutting remarks for the democratic incumbent, president obama. the arizona and michigan primaries just five days away. looks like tornado season is here. forecasters in the southeast believe twisters are possible today and tomorrow. this would not be the first tornadoes of the year. last month two people were killed by separate twisters in alabama. tornado season usually starts in march and then ramps up for the next couple of months. the weather has been strange all over the country. >> yeah. this year with la nina probably a very active tornado season as we see a strong jet stream especially in the southern par -- especially in the southern parts of the u.s. today mostly clear, afternoon numbers very impressive again well into the 70s in many sports inland. windy over the hilltops. wind advisory in the north an east bay hills but this ridge remains strong and is holding on for one last day and then will start to weaken just a bit. that's going to allow for more of a sea breeze to kick in
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cooling down the temperatures. today, looks like it will stay warm for now and cool off tomorrow. watch out for winds into the central valley. otherwise temperatures up in the 60s and 70s. high country 49 degrees in lake tahoe. 57 degrees in yosemite. about 70 into monterey bay. around the bay looking good. 75 degrees milpitas. 74 degrees and sunny in morgan hill. sunny and 67 degrees in pacifica and half moon bay. temperatures up in the mid-70s in many parts of the east bay. and as you get inside the bay you will find those temperatures as warm as 70 in san francisco, 76 in santa rosa and about 65 degrees in bodega bay. next couple of days we'll notice some changes and wouldn't you know it heading into the weekend those temperatures start to cool off. cooling those temperatures as early as tomorrow with a return of low clouds and fog toward the coastline. more cooling over the weekend and in fact some of these temperatures actually headed below the average as we look towards sunday and monday. clouds in the middle of next week. >> in walnut creek yesterday, 81 it said on my dashboard. >> 81. >> it's possible.
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>> i suspect something was wrong with your danger. [ laughter ] >> i was going, wahoo! >> the person reading the gauge. [ laughter ] >> well, that's beside the point. okay. elizabeth took a nap. she missed the whole thing. >> i missed the whole darn thing but it will be warmer today so -- all right. let's head out the door right now. here's live look near the dublin interchange. and westbound 580 traffic starting to get busy now heading into pleasanton. all those headlights, that is the commute direction westbound 580 and if we go to our maps we can show you a drive time for our stretch. it's still 14 minutes out of the altamont pass. we are starting to see a little changing color on our sensors, not much but a little sluggish there heading towards the livermore area. otherwise, speeds improve and we're seeing 40-plus. so 40-plus miles per hour seems to be the going theme across the bay area this morning. not much going on as far as incidents so if you are about to head out the door you can kind of relax a little bit. no need to get a quick start. there is no major hotspots out there so no major backups. here's a live look near the
5:20 am
coliseum. headlights are moving southbound on the nimitz heading towards hayward and towards the coliseum. everything looks great. along the peninsula, 101 a nice smooth ride all the way down towards the south bay. you can see all the way through san mateo county coming out of downtown san jose once again a few more headlights on the road now than earlier this morning. now, a lot of our overnight roadwork we had it in hercules, we had it at the bay bridge, the dumbarton bridge on 680 through the san ramon valley. all this is now picked up. so mass transit everything is on time for bart, we just checked in with folks there. in fact all mass transit is off to a great start. no delay on bart, ace, muni, caltrain and your ferries and remember kcbs once you do hit the roads. they're our radio partners. and you can find them at 740-am and 106.9-fm. that's traffic. back to you. >> thank you. bay area drivers are dreading the day they see five bucks a gallon for gas. >> especially all your commuters out there, right? we have some advice though. don't fill up at the station in orlando, florida. that's where a shell station is
5:21 am
charging nearly $6 a gallon. $6! the manager avoided reporters when asked about the steep rate for fuel. look at that, 5.89 for regular. now the average price for regular unleaded in orlando is 3.64 a gallon. >> it's crazy. and there's like $3 nearby. i don't know what's going on. >> 5.89, too expensive. >> no kidding. >> what are they in line for? that's what i want to know. >> why are they getting gas there? >> crazy. >> a aaa spokesman says since there is no state of emergency there is nothing they can do. it's not illegal to charge that since you guess you can get gas elsewhere. >> if you can drive down the block for 3.89, hello?! >> why wouldn't you. >> i guess. some sour news for students who like sweet drinks. statewide ban that one lawmaker is working on. >> it wouldn't be a first for google or for any other company. the breakthrough gadget the company is now working on. share that with you when we come back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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unconstitutional. a federal judge in san francisco ruled the u.s. defense of marriage act is unconstitutional. judge jeffrey white ordered a federal office to allow a woman to add her wife to her health plan. the two were married during the same month that same-sex marriage was legal here in california. the judge ruled the "defense of
5:25 am
marriage act" discriminated against that couple. power aid and gatorade could be banned at schools. it would prohibit the sale of sports drinks during the day at middle and high school campuses. supporters of the bill say a lot of sports drinks contain high fructose corn syrup as well as other sweeteners. >> we want to get these guys off to a good start. and set the right type of example and the equivalent of 22 starburst candies in a day is not the way to do that. >> sports drinks are already banned at elementary schools. well, if you think too many people are distracted by cell phones, get a load of what google may soon bring to all of us. mountain view-based tech giant reportedly working on eyeglasses that can project information, entertainment and advertising right to your eyes of the user. now, the "new york times" says the lenses would serve as a see- through computer monitor. google hasn't confirmed it's working on the project but where there's smoke, hello... >> i know. i was reading about this.
5:26 am
they say it's like the terminator glasses you know how he could see all that information and everything else? >> stuff streaming across your eye. oh, boy. guys, if you have forgot about valentine's day, shame on you, here's a chance to make it up. >> a giant pink dime was unearthed in australia, 12.76 carats, the argyle pink jubilee the largest stone of its kind ever found there. just spend a little bit of dough, 10 million bucks. >> that's a big makeup call there. >> bet she would be happy about it. >> and broke. we're living in a trailer honey but you have a really cool ring that i can pay for. mobile apps tracking your every morning. how tech giants are taking action to protect your privacy. a bay area church hit by vandals at the start of lent. the hate crime investigation and why the church isn't rushing to clean it up. police are searching for witnesses and a shooter in a shooting that happened just within the past hour here in
5:27 am
oakland. the latest live from the scene coming up. fire crews are still at the scene of a house fire in sunnyvale. what's unusual, no one was home at the time. coming up who fire crews are trying to locate. ,, what do you get when you combine the home depot with this weekend? the cure for cabin fever. because with get-it-done savings on everything we need... we can turn this weekend into a fresh floor... or an updated bathroom... or a brand-new look. so let's hit those orange aisles, and make today the day, we make a big difference,
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the family that lives there is missing right now. the dangerous conditions that are making it difficult to search the home.
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streets shut down in oakland.. as police investigate a shooting. a live report from the crime sce a sunnyvale house goes up in flame. >> streets shut down in oakland as police investigate a shooting. a live report from the crime scene coming up. good morning. it's thursday, february 23. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm grace lee. it's 5:30. the search is on this morning for a mother, father and two young children. a fire ripped through their sunnyvale home early this morning. gil diaz explains why firefighters have not been able to get inside the home just yet. gil, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, frank. yeah, they haven't been able to go inside room by room searching for that family because they are waiting for a structural engineer to come out here and examine the house and to give the green light for them to go in. but they're hoping that the family is on vacation. but it's the house behind me in the 700 block of duncardine. the firefighters arrived at 1:00 and the house was engulfed
5:31 am
in flames this morning. the battalion chief says a neighbor says the family of four lives there. now, they are missing and they haven't been able to go inside. but they are waiting for that engineer. now, they have been able to survey the house from the outside from the perimeter but it is a little dark so hopefully it gets lighter. here's another challenge that fire crews encountered, a live wire in the backyard. >> one of the initial challenges was that in the backyard there was an electrical wire down there was arcing presenting significant challenges for us in working around live wires. so we actually had to cordon off that area and not allow any of our firefighters to work in that area. >> reporter: this is live look of the house. it's a single-family home and despite the two cars in the driveway like i have been telling you they're trying to locate the missing family of
5:32 am
four. as for the live wire, the chief says that pg&e was able to shut off the electricity to the wire a couple of hours ago but they are hoping for the best that this situation isn't any worse than it already is. back to you. >> gil, i know we report earlier that a number of neighbors were out watching them as they attacked the fire. were they able to shed any light on whether the family may be in the area or god forbid inside the house? >> reporter: yeah. right now, there doesn't seem to be any neighbors right now loitering outside but we'll make sure to knock on their doors this morning to see if they have any information about where that family is. no information yet from the neighbors as of this hour. >> gil diaz life for us in sunnyvale, thank you -- live for us in sunnyvale, thank you. the search is on for a shooting suspect in the east bay. they are looking for witnesses in the case. anne makovec is in west oakland where several streets are shut down at this hour. she joins us with more. >> reporter: big mystery right now. the shooting happened at around
5:33 am
4:15 this morning. you can see this red car here behind me. that is where a man was found. he had been shot at least once. police won't say if he may have been shot more than once. but he has been taken to the hospital and in the meantime, they are trying to figure out exactly who may have shot this man. they say there aren't any bullet holes in the car. the car also looks to be parked in a manner that didn't look like any sort of crash. so a lot of questions right now and they have been knocking on doors looking for any allegations were witnesses. no word on the man in the hospital, no word on his condition. i'm on adeline and 34th. they just opened the northbound lanes of adeline. it's the southbound lanes that are closed. right now that's only encompassing one block. >> so do the police suspect that maybe he was shot somewhere else and drove to
5:34 am
this location? >> reporter: you know, they are not saying right now. they are not really saying anything as far as, you know, we don't know how many times this man was shot, where he was shot, how badly he was shot. again, a lot of questions out there. >> thank you, anne makovec. new this morning a shooting near san francisco's fisherman's wharf put a man in the hospital. two men are in custody. there may be a third suspect who got away. investigators say some people were arguing in the 300 block of jefferson street last night when one of them pulled a gun, shot another. the victim right now in stable condition. got a hate crime investigation that is under way in the east bay after a church was vandalized. people going to saint ann's catholic church on ash wednesday found satanic simple boston and messages spray- painted on the building. one message was six feet high. it is written in latin and says, "seize the night." a statue was also damaged and a monument knocked over. the church though does not want
5:35 am
to clean up the mess yet. >> father wants to leave it up because he wants the community to see what has happened to our church and also to be a reminder of how much hatred and racism we have in the community. >> police are investigating if the vandals targeted the church specifically on ash wednesday. families in oakley are warned of a possible norovirus outbreak at laurel elementary school. now, this letter was sent out saying the school is being thoroughly cleaned. students though are being urged to wash their hands to prevent the president is of the infection and anyone showing signs of the virus is asked to stay home for at least two days after the symptoms go away. well, guess who the most popular guy in the newsroom is right now. >> hm. i don't know. not lawrence, huh? >> no. couldn't be lawrence, could it? i was going to say it was you but you just came back with the norovirus. [ laughter ] >> well, great.
5:36 am
>> spreading the cheer. hey, guys. we have a great weather day ahead as we are going to see plenty of sunshine. temperatures kind of all over the map right now but that's usually what you see when you get that offshore wind. very interesting. 40 degrees right now in napa but check it out, fairfield gusty winds over 20 miles per hour and they are at 59 degrees right now. so the air above the surface is already very warm. by the afternoon 75 degrees in cupertino. 75 in santa clara. east bay temperatures again up into the mid-70s in many spots as warm as 76 degrees in walnut creek. and inside the bay 70 degrees, sunshine, in san francisco. a beautiful 74 degrees in oakland. we'll have more on your weather coming up. right now let's check the road with elizabeth. >> thank you. we are going to view those roads from up in the air. chopper 5 is heading towards the baby where so far there is no delay at the bay bridge toll plaza. they picked up the overnight roadwork on past the metering
5:37 am
lights. it's picked up. you are good to go through the macarthur maze. live look over oakland no major incidents across the bay. so thank you, chopper 5. here's another live look over oakland. the nimitz as you pass the coliseum. city streets in oakland are kind of a different matter as you may have heard, our reporter anne makovec giving a live report from the scene. we are following this breaking news this morning out of oakland. a shooting. and there are some street closures, 34th and adeline where she is standing southbound lanes of adeline remain shut down just for about a block. they were able to reopen those northbound lanes at adeline. otherwise your bridges, the golden gate bridge quiet. smooth commute through marin county. silicon valley so far looks great on westbound 237 no issues there. and a quick check with bart, everything is on time so far including all those trains heading into downtown san francisco. back to you. >> thank you. new this morning, two americans have been shot to death in apparent anger over the burning of the koran at the
5:38 am
military base. violent antidemonstrations have erupted in afghanistan after coalition soldiers burned the koran on monday night. officials tell cbs news that it was appear afghan soldier who shot the allies. four other troops were wound. police and security forces are the apparent targets of violence today in iraq. at least 50 people were killed in baghdad and 10 other cities. the attacks happened over 2.5 hours. security patrols, government offices and restaurants and a school have been hit. al qaeda is believed to be responsible. a sickening case of animal cruelty in the san joaquin valley. tens of thousands of chickens all found everybody sta to death at a ranch near turlock in stanislaus county. chopper 5 overhead as county and state crews loaded thousands of dead birds into a dumpster. you see them here. they had all starved to death. others are in such poor condition they had to be
5:39 am
euthanized. stanislaus county animal controlled received an anonymous call about the farm on tuesday. the owner has declined to comment but could be facing animal cruelty charges. investigators meanwhile in san joaquin county are now focused on trying to find a second well that may contain remains of a serial killer's victims. they completed their search of the first well finding hundreds of bones near the town of linden. they were led by wesley shermantine who is serving prison time as one of the two convicted "speed freak" killers. meanwhile family members of the missing people are coming forward now believing their loved ones could be among the victims. >> i haven't quit after all these years and i never will. i want them to bring in the fbi and just search. >> so far dna tests have matched two female victims to remains recently found in calaveras county. a man wounded in a confrontation with oakland police is a relative of oscar grant. the man who was fatally shot by
5:40 am
a bart police officer in 2009. that's according to an attorney for 24-year-old tony jones who was shot after he ran from a van that police stopped last weekend. an attorney for grant's family confirmed that the two are related but they don't know each other. there are ongoing investigations into the jones shooting. police say jones has had previous arrests. key evidence could be thrown out against san francisco's new sheriff. ross mirkarimi goes on trial tomorrow for domestic violence charges. his lawyer has filed a motion claiming the sheriff's wife was not that upset when she spoke with her neighbor. the motion says that the sheriff's wife didn't becomage today until she started talking about her marriage. the lawyer wants it tossed out as hearsay. a bankruptcy court will decide whether an injured giants fan can sue the los angeles dodgers. bryan stow sued the dodgers but the case was put on hold because the team filed for
5:41 am
bankruptcy. "the examiner" reports stow's attorney blames the team for the assault because it had fired 300 security staff members prior to attack on stow. coming up, gas prices getting higher by the day. this morning how the president is responding to our frustration at the pump. plus, the attacks fly in arizona. >> while i was fighting to save the olympics, you were fighting to save the bridge to nowhere. >> the jabs against the front- runner at the gop debate. we'll have more. jim wilson? here is the chase freedom 5% cash back you get on purchases. wow! and your kindle fire. thank you. do you have any bubble wrap? activate your 5% cash back at
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state. severe budget cuts may force the ca as thousands of students are playing the waiting game, san jose state, several budget cuts may force the campus to turn away as many as 1400 south
5:44 am
bay applicants. tomorrow cal state leaders will decide whether or not to move forward on those applications. and this may be the first time that sjsu will not be allowed to give preference to santa clara county residents. the cal state system may face another $200 million in cuts if voters reject tax proposals this year. oh, they're excited. the san jose earthquakes are now gotten the final approval for a brand-new soccer stadium. last night the city planning commission gave the green light to the long-awaited 18,000-seat facility. some neighbors expressed concerns about noise and lights there. the team co-owner lew wolff and staff made concessions in a revised plan. the republican presidential candidates targeting president obama and one another last night. the main target, of course, was president obama. and that fellow right there, rick santorum. newt gingrich focused on the president calling the auto industry bailout a violation of
5:45 am
bankruptcy laws. the arizona and michigan primaries now just five days away. >> this idea of being fiscally conservative now that we're running for office and we're going to repeal something that we did before, i mean, it loses credibility. >> i was fighting to save the olympics. you were fighting to save the bridge to nowhere. >> santorum criticized mitt romney for supporting a bailout for wall street and not the auto industry and gingrich focused on the president calling the auto industry bailout a violation of bankruptcy law. michigan and arizona primaries in five days. mitt romney is trailing in the polls in michigan. president obama is now taking on the issue of gas prices, something that's become a bigger issue coming up in the november election. he is going to be in florida today to promote an energy strategy aimed at reducing dependence on foreign oil in the long term. potential republican challengers have been pointing
5:46 am
the finger of blame at the president as gas prices soar especially for this time of the year. a new "associated press" poll shows just 39% approve of the president's actions to address gas prices. and more americans are planning to save not spend their tax refunds this year. about two-thirds of taxpayers are expected to get money back from uncle sam this year. a record 44% of them say they plan to stash some of it in savings. just 12% say they will spend their refund check on a major splurge like a vacation or a new tv. weather, beautiful. that's the big word. >> why vacation when it's like this, right? >> "stay-cation." >> "stay-cation," that's right, exactly. a lot of sunshine around the bay area today, looks like another great day outside as high pressure remains overnight. temperatures 40s and 50s, clear skies. this afternoon temperatures into the 70s inland, 70s inside the bay and 60s at the coastline. windy over the hills especially in the north and east bays as
5:47 am
we are seeing stronger gusty winds developing there later on today. a wind advisory is in effect. still high pressure in control. looks like it will hold on for one last day here and then we are going to see some changes but staying warm for now. tomorrow though we're going to see a wind switch. that means we'll see an onshore breeze cooling down the temperatures, probably fog along the coast. numbers into the central valley, 72 sacramento, 70 redding, 57 degrees in yosemite an 69 degrees in fresno. as you make your way around the bay, though temperatures up into the 70s in the south bay, 75 santa clara, 74 fremont, and about 67 degrees in half moon bay. east bay temperatures up into the 70s by the afternoon as high as 75 in san ramon and pleasant hill and 74 in the napa valley. sunshine inside the bay as high as 74 in oakland, 70 degrees today in san francisco. and should be about 76 in santa rosa. looking out over the next couple of days, return of a sea breeze brings with it cooler temperatures around the bay area. probably patchy fog moving in
5:48 am
along the coastline. much cooler temperatures expected as we head throughout the weekend and breezy too. partly cloudy toward the middle of next week. that's a look at weather. here's elizabeth with traffic. >> thanks, lawrence. i'm excited about your seven- day forecast. let's go towards chopper 5. once again, they are live over the bay bridge right now, heading up the incline looks like. yeah. there you go. they completed overnight roadwork so clear into san francisco no metering lights. usually around 6:20 or so they turn them on. looks good from the east bay. elsewhere the photographer is live at the peninsula with this live look near great america parkway in santa clara. headlights moving northbound. top speeds up towards the sunnyvale area. breaking news in oakland. this is actually on city streets. so right there by 34th and
5:49 am
adeline, there was a shooting overnight and there are street closures in the area. sounds like the southbound lanes of adeline shut down for several blocks actually from 30th to 34th. northbound lanes of adeline are open. but in the meantime, you can use peralta street as an all the in a. coming up, we'll have a live report from the scene. the rest of the east bay looks okay. we are starting to see a few more brake lights and changing color on those sensors heading out of the altamont pass towards the dublin interchange. for the most part not too bad. a lot of green down the eastshore freeway. westbound 580 out of the altamont pass, the nimitz 238 to the maze still a 16-minute drive time or so and no delay out of walnut creek towards the macarthur maze. okay. mass transit continues to run on time. so why don't you guys chitchat. >> you have a long walk. >> she is not going to make it in time. >> we'll wait for you. >> do a little stroll. >> have you guys noticed everything is in bloom right now? all the bulbs are coming up. >> beautiful. >> gorgeous around the bay area. >> i have been having to take
5:50 am
allergy medicine. >> yeah. >> rain on our parade. >> thanks. someone lived in hawaii forever. 5:50 now. working conditions at apple plants in china could dominate apple's shareholders meeting. activists plan to demand reform. apple said there will be independent inspections at their plants in china after protests this month. inspectors started work last week. reports say they found tons of issues at one plant. the obama administration is calling for a stronger privacy protection for consumers now that mobile gadgets and net services can so easily keep track of where you go and what you have done. well, the white house plans to issue a report today. the proposed consumer privacy bill of rights calls for tech companies, consumer groups and others to work together on these new protections. separately though apple, google and amazon are among six tech giants who cut a deal with
5:51 am
california to protect your mobile privacy. now app users will see something they have never seen before, the company's privacy policy before they download. >> what this agreement will do is require those who collect personal information to let people know what they're doing with that information. >> attorney general kamala harris says that the privacy policy for apps is needed and she says most of the top apps don't even have them. and the new policy will help protect consumers. app makers are now on notice and this is a huge violation this new rule can cost them $500,000 per user per violation. >> that will add up quickly. >> it will. web giant google looking to get into the of it biz. >> the company is applying to provide a cable-like service for people in kansas city, missouri. according to the wall street journal, going the wants to offer the video services in the market there in a month or so. if approved it would put the mountain view company into closer competition with satellite and cable companies.
5:52 am
it is 5:51. an 8-year-old boy is shot by a fellow classmate. this morning the question is about how a third-grader got ahold of a gun. >> plus a string of toll robberies. the plan to step up security at a bay area bridge. only a handful of athletes has done it. the magazine milestone for one jeremy lin when we come back.
5:53 am
5:54 am
in washington state big questions this morning about how a third-grader got a loaded gun which shot an 8-year-old classmate two minutes before the end of class yesterday. it was apparently an accident. the gun went off inside the backpack. no one else was hurt. the shooter is booked into
5:55 am
juvenile detention. 5:54. bay area headlines now. today we're getting our first look at one of the most wanted felons in the east bay city of newark. this is patrick joseph gregoire. the 28-year-old is accused of leading police on a chase on february 16th, crashing into two separate vehicles. there are two warrants out in alameda county for theft and drugs, as well. an update to a story we brought you yesterday. three burglary suspects behind bars after a big manhunt in fremont. investigators say a homeowner came across the armed suspect in his home yesterday morning. they took off after a scuffle. police locked down three nearby schools in the search. neighbors gave police some tips to help catch the suspect hiding in three different areas. all are under arrest. chp beefing up patrols at the carquinez bridge toll plaza after a series of recent robberies. the most recent was tuesday morning when a driver headed eastbound got out of his car, demanded money from the tolltaker. the suspect took cash, then
5:56 am
took off in his car. chp is asking drivers to report now any suspicious activities in the area. a big party today for a san francisco landmark celebrating 150 years in business. >> amazing. the clamhouse restaurant still sits in its original location on bayshore boulevard. the owners say it is located on what used to be the waterfront where people once dug for clams. it is the oldest restaurant in the city built when abraham lincoln was being inaugurated. >> they have an aquarium there with a clam that's 150 years old? [ laughter ] >> no. >> no, you're right. i made it up. i thought would you go for it. "sports illustrated" has been in publication since 1954. never has a new york athlete graced the cover in back-to- back weeks until now. jeremy lin is on the current issue of the magazine. there he is and the one from the week before. since 1990, only 12 athletes have gone on back-to-back
5:57 am
covers. he helped the knicks beat atlanta yesterday. last one was dirk novitzky back- to-back after they won the nba title. the knicks beat them this past weekend. jeremy is the man. >> he is. 5:57. coming up in the next half hour a new drug that's giving doctors hope in the fight against skin cancer. >> plus, an act of hate on a holy day. the vandalism at a bay area church and why it's still there this morning. we'll explain. and the search is on for a gunman and witnesses after a man is shot in west oakland. the latest live from the scene coming up. a house fire erupts in the middle of the night in sunnyvale. but the residents are missing. coming up, we'll tell you about the desperate search for a family of four. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:58 am
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